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Garage Door Opener Repair

When your garage door opener doesn’t work properly, it’s an inconvenience at best and a hazard at worst. Typical issues include: Overhead doors won’t open or close, the door is stuck open, the opener motor hums, the opener mechanism clicks, or the photo eye sensor is malfunctioning. In fact, inconsistent operation (sometimes the door opens, sometimes it doesn’t) and unusual sounds during operation are both common symptoms that an opener needs to be serviced or replaced. Whatever the complaint or issue, Commonwealth Garage Door is here to solve the problem and get your opener working again – fast.

Garage Door Opener Sales & Installation

We use only trusted, reliable LiftMaster and Linear garage door opener brands. These openers, with their smart remotes, assure you’ll have convenience, safety and security for you, your family, your vehicles and your stored possessions. You can also rest assured that our expert technicians at Commonwealth Garage Door will get your overhead doors opening and closing properly, and will be available to handle all your service, maintenance and future needs.

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